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About Us


No child should be denied the right to appropriate lifesaving healthcare due to financial or systemic constraints.

Our Mission


To help fund charities, social organizations and entities in the UK and India that are working towards improving and financially supporting maternal and child healthcare needs, in a cost efficient, community oriented and sustainable manner. We would also help support fundraising activities for organizations with similar goals.



EKAM UK is a Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO) registered with the Charities Commission, UK (#1176271), with the objective of promotion and protection of good health for public benefit by providing financial, technical and support to charities, social organizations, medical centres & non-profit organizations in UK and India who are involved/engaged providing healthcare, education care and support to neonates, infants, young adults and mothers including providing food, medicines, medical equipment, training, research grants/facilities, knowledge sharing across the world.


  • To save the children and expectant mothers from poorer sections of the society, by providing appropriate and timely medical help

  • To undertake epidemiological, anthropological, translational and cross cultural research concerning women and children’ s medical needs as well health delivery institutions

  • To help train medical and paramedical personnel in the delivery of preventive and curative health care

  • To facilitate medical professional partnership between UK and India.


EKAM UK is governed by 3-5 member board and supported by dedicated members from medical & allied fields, management / financial background and experienced in welfare activities to provide for direction and good governance.

The EKAM Board will meet periodically and decide on matters such as fund raising, inviting and evaluating proposals, arranging for fund transfer through banking channels and monitoring outcomes.




EKAM Foundation, India (EKAM)

EKAM is a not-for-profit NGO working towards proving quality healthcare to needy children and mothers in India. The foundation was started on the basic premise that no child should be denied the right to healthcare. EKAM’s vision is to work for the well-being of children and mothers and thereby contribute to a reduction in infant,childhood, adolescent and maternal mortality rates.

EKAM is a unique health care model, primarily focusing on neonates and infants to seamlessly supplement the Public health care system. As a child’s health is dependent on the health of its mother, interventions are tailored to address the challenges and gaps within the Reproductive, Maternal, New-born Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCHA) arena.

In the last 7 years, EKAM has reached out to over 10.8 lakh [1.08 million] children/families.

EKAM’s initiatives are aligned towards:

  1. Providing direct medical support

  2. Creating awareness (camps, workshops, outreach programs etc.)

  3. Recruitment & training nurses (e.g. NICU)

  4. Providing & maintaining critical medical equipment (e.g. ventilators)

  5. Providing health screening (slums, government schools, orphanages & care homes)

  6. Providing lab test support & medicines in select government hospitals

  7. Transporting sick infants to the nearest district hospitals

  8. Grass-root training of volunteer


UCL conducts/facilitates research projects on women and children’s health in UK and globally. The Population, Policy and Practice Programme ,Institute of Child Health in UCL are leading research and translation into medical practice and policy with the aim to improve outcomes for women and children with a particular emphasis on working with more marginalised communities. UCL leads projects in UK and globally on developing new ideas for research, innovation and education to improve health and for the well-being of children. Their current projects include:

• Indo- UK teaching projects on paediatrics and women’s health,

• Health projects for economically underprivileged children in UK

• Specific funded research projects being carried in partnership with India focussing particularly on the sustainable development goals such as malnutrition.

• Working in India with NGO’s and academic institutions to develop cross sector solutions to complex problems such as neurodisability


Dr Sailakshmi Ekam (India) was started in 2009 by Dir. Sailakshmi and has served numerous children in need. Dr. Sai Lakshmi is a paediatrician who is single-mindedly dedicated to Ekam’s cause of providing health care to every child who needs it. Dr. Sai Lakshmi has received numerous awards for her work through Ekam. 

Dr. Monica Lakhanpaul is Head of Population, Policy and Practice (Integrated Community Child Health) at UCL, Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and a practicing paediatrician in North London. She has held numerous senior academic and policy positions such as being the first clinical director leading development of the NICE children’s guidelines and holding the first paediatric NICE fellowship. She leads her own research team, using collaborative participatory approach to mobilise communities and empower them to optimise health and well- being for their children in areas such as nutrition, neurodisability and respiratory illness. She has been recognised for her work by being awarded the Asian Women of Achievement for her work in the Public Sector.  

MS Management Solutions, India  (Tilak Shankar, CEO) provide management consulting in healthcare management, corporate strategies, senior HR recruitment, new project evaluation, process studies, joint ventures and talent management. Shri Shankar is a mentor of EKAM UK.

Charities that we support / will be supporting as aligned to opportunities & our mission statement
  • EKAM Foundation (India)

  • British Liver Trust

  • British Heart Foundation

  • NSPC

  • Mind

  • Diabetes UK

  • Muscular Dystrophy UK

  • Dementia UK

  • Prostrate Cancer Research

  • Salve International

  • Rainbow Trust

  • Save the Children

  • Healing Little Hearts

  • Action

  • RMHC

  • Indo British Paediatric Sub-Speciality (IBPS)

  • UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Charities We Support

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