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Provide financial assistance & support

Towards healthcare / medical expenses for children (between age 0-19 years) and mothers.

Grants for research & development, supply of medical/lab equipment, equipment maintenance & medical supplies in needy healthcare facilities.

Grass root level projects that encompass suitable community level interventions that would benefit the holistic well - being of the community Training of medical and non-medical personnel engaged/to be engaged in pursuit of objectives.


Provide technical assistance

Exchange visit of doctors, nurses and other personnel from UK to India/other countries and vice versa for research, training and support

To develop/participate In local service projects relating to health care / development.

Online or teleconferencing support to aid diagnosis and provide adequate clinical pathway in needy areas.

To contribute to the use of technology in data management and consolidation of any research/field level health data.


Provide information/ training

Through public lectures and awareness programs within various communities and organizations

Develop and support awareness through education and preventive program

For intervention programs to address specific medical related issues in the community (e.g. children with acute malnutrition)

Conduct seminars and medical conferences to impart knowledge and information on reforms in Maternal & Child Health (MCH) & related practices across the globe.


Provide Strategic Organisation support

Management strategy, operational & administration support to charities / social organizations of similar nature

Develop revenue increase and cost reduction programs Facilitating shared services, off-shore & technology solutions, branding, event management, road shows, thematic events & fund raising

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