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Youth Summer 2020 Sports Challenge

Please support NETG Children: Youth Summer 2020 Sports Challenge

To raise £5000 towards Saving Lives - COVID projects in India

Northeast Telugu Group (NETG) is a not-for-profit organisation formed by Telugu community living in the North East of England whose main aim is to address the cultural, communal, and societal needs of the Telugu descendants living in that region.

NETG’s 30-35 children (between 3-16 years) are doing a 30-day challenge during July/August, pushing themselves hard in various fitness activities during this period.

Skipping * Cycling * Running * Walking (Steps) * Jumping Jacks * Jogging

EKAM’s COVID campaign is aimed towards filling the gaps in government system by setting up quarantine facilities, providing PPE to healthcare personnel, a supply of medical equipment etc. in 40 hospitals and medical centres. 

Please support the kids in their challenge events and help the most significant health need during this pandemic in a big way.

NETG is committed to integrate & celebrate other Indian cultures by conducting & participating in intercultural events in the region. Their activities include:

  • Promoting awareness of the Telugu language

  • Fostering & amalgamating cultural values of people from both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in English heritage

  • Conducting cultural activities regularly, where children and adults can showcase their talents

NETG believes that shaping up children to contribute to societal needs is best done from an early age and by actively engaging them in charitable work.

We are thankful to NETG for conducting this event in support of EKAM.

COVID-19 Support

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